We are glad to announce that Matias Kupiainen is the last but not least very special guest on "THE ESSENCE OF POWER pt. I"

Matias Kupiainen

Matias Kupiainen is a Finnish guitarist, songwriter and record producer. He is the current guitarist in StratovariuS. Kupiainen was chosen as the new guitarist for the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius after Timo Tolkki's departure from the band in 2008. He started playing with the band in 2009, on their album Polaris for which he composed three songs. He has studied at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Oulunkylä. He played a PRS Artist Series I guitar and now he is an endorser of Ruokangas Guitars. He currently plays his custom Hellcat made of Spanish cedar and arctic birch, and uses mainly ENGL, Hughes & Kettner, Mesa Boogie and TC Electronic gear. Kupiainen was a part-owner of a recording studio named Minor Music in Helsinki, Finland, until it was merged with 5 By 5 Audio.

DRUMS: Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, LT Rhapsody, Cyhra)

DRUMS: Federico Gatti [(Ancient Bards, Wind Rose) (Courtesy of Napalm Records)]

GUITAR: Matias Kupiainen (StratovariuS)

GUITAR: Zoltan Árpad Liptay (Gépmadár)

GUITAR: Tommy Vitaly

GUITAR: Kakhi Kiknadze (Harmonium, Iahsari)

GUITAR: Vaggelis Keramidas (Clairvoyant)

GUITAR: Niccolo' Carpinteri (Astral Fire)

GUITAR: Simone Martinelli (From the depth, Arcadia)

BASS: Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone)

BASS: Stefano Filipponi (Anvil Theraphy)


CHOIR: Alex Mari (Rhapsody of Fire, Michele Luppi)

CHOIR: Tommaso Corvaja (Ion of Chios, Wind Rose)

SOPRANO: Claudia Corona

GROWLS: Stefan Zenkert

All the songs are written, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by ILIOUR GRIFTEN at Infinite Studio 84 in Florence (Italy)

The essemce of Power PT. I cover


01. The sky calls to us
02. Call me whenever
03. Flying through the time
04. The sign of the cross
05. The angel of death (has died)
06. Arch enemy
07. Metal Pride
08. Born to burn
09. Love me forevermore
10. End of time

OUT 14th september 2019

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11/07/2019 We are glad to announce that Matias Kupiainen is the last but not least very special guest on "THE ESSENCE OF POWER pt. I"

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